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  Mask, Snorkel & Fin Set  
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M, S & F Set
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The detailed description of the Items in this Set are below.

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  The Reef Rescue Foundation's "Mask, Snorkel & Fins Set" features are;  

The Original Panoramic uses technology that allows the glass joint to virtually disappear, creating less distortion compared to other 3 window masks.

Available in Single or Double lens and Purge or Non-purge. The Double lens also comes in a Junior/Narrow size.

  Bullet Arrow   Tempered glass lenses    
  Bullet Arrow   Crystal silicone skirt and strap,    
  Bullet Arrow   Packaged in heavy duty plastic box,    

The U-Pro and U-Pro II snorkels both feature an over-sized bore tube to maximize air flow.

They both have bottom purge valves making it easier to clear.

The U-Pro has a drop away mouth piece so that that it does not interfere when divers switch to their regulators.

The U-Pro II has a ridged flex tube which keeps the mouthpiece in place for snorkelers.

  Bullet Arrow   Swivel bore tube design allows air to flow freely through the tube without airflow interruption,    
  Bullet Arrow   Prompt clearing through bottom drain valve,    
  Bullet Arrow  
Ergonomic shape ideal for snorkeling,
  Bullet Arrow  
Adjustable mask strap retaining clip,
  Bullet Arrow  
Pre-curved PVC connector,
  Bullet Arrow  
Crystal silicone mouthpiece,

The Voyage full foot fins feature drag reducing vents.

They are lightweight making them great for travel.

The Voyage will keep your mind on the voyage rather than on your feet.

  Bullet Arrow  
Drag reducing vents as well as TPR full foot pocket design,
  Bullet Arrow  
Lightweight, flexible and durable fin blade,
  Bullet Arrow  
Soft TPR foot pocket reduces strain on user’s feet,
  Bullet Arrow  
The pre-arched PTR material built within the fin’s blade scoops water throughout the kick, producing maximum thrust and reducing drag & fatigue,
  Bullet Arrow  
The “parachute” center thrusts the diver forward with each kick while dampening water resistance. ,
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