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  Venture Philanthropy  

By supporting the Reef Rescue Foundation through Donations, Advertising on our Website, or by participating in Gift Raffles, you are not just supporting us, but YOU are making an Impact Investment.

Venture Philanthropy marries concepts & techniques from Venture Capital Finance and Business Management, and then applies them to a Philanthropic Project.

The eventual result is a "Self-Funding" thus "Self-Sustaining Philanthropic Enterprise".

Essentially, Venture Philanthropy is a long-term approach to creating & maintaining an ongoing social impact, without the need to continuously ask for more funding.

By reducing - and eventually even eliminating - the need for fundraising, a Philanthropic Venture is FREE to concentrate ALL its time & effort on its primary goals & objectives, thus SAVING precious funds otherwise exhausted in raising further capital.

In fact, with enough time, the Venture Philanthropic Enterprise can become a Donor to other projects & spin-offs, thus expand its socially beneficial impact even more.