Reef Rescue Foundation


 The Reef Rescue Foundation was created for a variety of reasons; e.g. to...

assist in the ongoing efforts to understand all causes for the alarming decline of our reefs,

add resources to the rescue of our reefs,

slow or reverse the decline of our reefs through various methods,

bring relief to our Oceans and its resident marine life through the “Creation of New Artificial Reefs” around the World,

 As such, it is the Reef Rescue Foundation's mandate to actively participate in bringing P.E.A.C.E. to our Underwater world, through the...

P reservation of existing reefs,

E ducation and ongoing training of divers,

A pplication of skills & knowledge,

C reation of artificial reefs,

E xperience & its application thereof by our Members

Anyone wishing to join us in our efforts, please contact us using the Contact Us link Under Help & Support.

At present we are depending on volunteers and hope that many of you will join us by graciously providing your time or funds to assist us.

To all of you divers out there, we say ...

Happy Diving !

All of you Non-Divers, we ask ...

What are YOU waiting for ?

God Bless,

The Reef Rescue Team