Welcome Groups

If you are interested in joining The Reef Rescue Foundation as a group, please delegate an administrator or contact person for your group.

If YOU are the administrator or contact person for your group, please send your contact information via --> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <-- to our Group Administration Office.

As part of your 1-Year paid group membership every member will receive a "FREE Snorkeling Package", consisting of a Mask, Snorkel & Fins !

Also, as Group Members you will have access to special areas on our Website ! Special pages & deals ONLY available to you !

More Details Below !

Group Memberships

  • Individuals who sign up (or want to sign up) as part of a group, such as;
    • A group of employees,
    • Individuals as part of a company, organization, etc.,
    • Members under the umbrella of other associations,
    • People signing up under the umbrella of a club,
    • NOT accessible from the "Join" page,
    • Group administrators ! Please use the email link above to pre-arrange your memberships,
  • Group memberships are DISCOUNTED ! (Small or Large Groups welcome)
  • A Link to a special sign up page as well as a coupon, will be sent to the group administrator,
  • Both the Link & the Coupon are needed in combination to sign up,
  • Access to ALL paid member levels
  • Access to additiobal group specials